Top 4 scorching summer trends retailers should know

by Mehmet Kazim June 17, 2015

The summer season is definitely a highlight for shoppers who want to look their best from the moment the sun’s light bursts through the clouds. Summer fashion trends are vibrant and energising indicators of how fashion is evolving. Fashion trends are the perfect antidotes to the tough news the public has heard about the economy and employment. Pick the following summer trends for your shop or boutique to capture the hearts of fashion lovers this year:

1. Skyscraper heels need statement skirts: Topshop heiress Chloe Green recently unveiled her shoe line for Topshop, the fashion emporium headquartered in London. This release of high heels is just another reason why the trend of skirts as a statement piece will not go away this summer. Retailers should consider wholesale skirts to add a touch of high fashion to their summer stock. Consumers want to see skirts that they can pair with their favourite pair of high heels because of the visual punch that they give.

2. Embellishments: The hot weather allows consumers to showcase embellishment on clothes. Designers in cities such as London and Paris have embraced the power of embellishments which can be seen on wholesale designer clothes. Buyers from retail boutiques should look out for ruffles on blouses, as well as pleats and peplum on designer dresses. Evening drinks on a summer night will hit the right spot for women who wear clothes with embellishments.

3. Red takes centre stage: Each summer, there is a colour that gets attention from customers to wholesalers. Red could be the colour to take the crown from softer hues such as coral and tangerine that have enjoyed popularity recently. Designers such as Issa, the label that the Duchess of Cambridge made famous with her iconic blue engagement dress, have flocked to shades of red with their clothes for summer. Retailers can offer affordable clothing to customers by looking at vibrant colours such as red.

4. Tropical treats: The Summer holiday season is an excellent opportunity for savvy fashion retailers to take advantage of when it comes to choosing stock. This summer sees a focus on citrus brights that look like a tropical cocktail; think bright colours such as aquamarine and yellow that will look sizzling on a beach holiday. Retailers can tap into the tropical trend with wholesale tunics because of how tunics can display pop of colour without overwhelming the customer.

Summer Trends

Mehmet Kazim
Mehmet Kazim


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