Top 7 tips for fashion retailers

by Kasia Michalec May 28, 2012

Top 7 tips for fashion retailers

The fabric of clothing tells many stories. From the moment it is seen by a retail buyer at a wholesaler to its final destination in the wardrobe of the customer, a garment such as a dress or tunic is the thread that makes fashion a rich tapestry to touch. Fashion retailers should take a look at the treasure trove of top tips on how to pick clothing that women want to wear.
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Top tip 1: Choose staple wardrobe pieces

Celebrated fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld said that elegance has nothing to do with fashion. Designers such as Victoria Beckham and Karl Lagerfeld have embraced elegant clothing for their customers who want to their style to remain timeless. Stylish dresses and trendy skirts achieve this classic look which can be carried out throughout the seasons from warm summer nights to dewy autumn mornings. Wholesale clothing gives retailers the chance to choose sleek clothes that drape around the figure of a woman in a modest way. The economic climate has made it paramount for retailers to choose wholesale womenswear that speaks to consumers who want to save money and look radiant like the Duchess of Cambridge. Staple wardrobe clothing for women includes tunics, dresses and blouses because they can be worn in a variety of ways such as for work and during time off on the weekend.

Top tip 2: Pick affordable price points

Branded clothing gives business savvy fashion retailers the chance to meet their targets for their business, and deliver competitive pricing to customers. According to the British Retail Consortium, more than one third of total consumer spending goes to shops. With such a huge market like this at the fingertips of retailers, it is important to have attractive price points that encourage customers to spend and come back for more. Items that deliver prices that customers want include fashion dresses wholesale and trendy skirts, two key features of summer wardrobes for women across the UK.

Top tip 3: Consider the boutique approach

Cities such as London and Manchester are famed for their unique fashion boutiques where customers flock to buy clothes. Retailers can plan for success by using the approach that boutique shops use: buying fashionable dresses that look edgy and different. Boutique shops can charge a premium for one-off designer clothing pieces that are hard to get elsewhere. Retailers who want to target independent shoppers should look at the wholesale approach of boutiques for success.

Top tip 4: Know your customer

Fashion retailers have to choose what customers want to buy. A woman who wraps herself in a Wallis dress is different to a woman who is passionate about Topshop blouses. Summer is around the corner and this means a focus on clothes with breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen that makes femininity shine though. Popular branded clothing also plays its role as part of the top summer and autumn trends that customers will follow.

Top tip 5: Understand how trends work

There are specific colours and fashion styles that become trends throughout high street design studios and high fashion designer ateliers. Whether your shop will cater to the fashion crowd who want to drench themselves in citrus colours or if your customer prefers muted tones of cream and grey, it is crucial to understand what trends encourage customers to buy. Retailers who take time to research trends thoroughly and use expertise from wholesalers about what sells create engaged brands that inspire repeat business.

Top tip 6: Recognise the power of the high street

The ascent of the Duchess of Cambridge into the style consciousness of women in the UK is a valuable lesson to retailers. Kate Middleton’s popularity reasserted companies like LK Bennett back into the hearts of women because of carefully chosen pieces that showed off high street style within an affordable budget. Online retailers who want to connect with financially focused women should consider high street clothing as a way of offering fashion that women can afford.

Top tip 7: Use ecommerce to connect with diverse customers

The British Retail Consortium found that internet shopping was 9% of total retail sales in the previous year. Retailers who want to be the next ASOS should consider ecommerce platforms that appeal to shoppers online. The behaviour and attitude of the online shopper who are used to eBay-like bargains is maturing to reveal a sophisticated buyer who is going to shop around to many different websites to get the best deal. Fashion retailers can use wholesalers to pick strategic products such as blouses and tunics to capture the attention of the discerning British shopper.

Use these 7 tips to craft a plan to grow your fashion business this year with a wholesale platform that will support you every step of the way.

Kasia Michalec
Kasia Michalec


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