A Century Of Design

by Ben Mulvey July 28, 2016

We love a good fashion article here at One 2 Wear, we are your suppliers of quality wholesale ladies fashion UK-wide after all. You may have missed it in the news last week but Britain’s oldest, if not the World’s oldest fashion designer turn 101 years old, and we are pleased to read that she is still going strong.

Jessie Power, a great grandmother from Cornwall designed her fist dress back in the 1930’s and since then has since enjoyed a stunning career in the world of fashion. Under the name Miss Neno, Jessie has designed some of the most stunning frocks out there on the market. She did try retirement a brief period when she turned 86, however, she was soon on her way to college to earn a degree in fashion.

On graduating Jessie became Britain’s oldest graduate, as well as the graduate of the year. It was after college that Jessie decided that retirement was not for her. Today at the age of 101 Jessie Power still designs dresses under the name Miss Neno.

A Century Of Design

In a career that has spanned over 70 years, Jessie has even found herself working for the wardrobe department at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Perhaps her most famous customer whilst at the company was the man himself, Sir Ian McKellen.

Being part of the fashion industry ourselves, we here at One 2 Wear love success stories such as these.  These kinds of stories go a long way to inspire the next generation of fashion hopefuls. However, our job in the fashion industry is a little different to Jessie Power’s role.

Here at One 2 Wear, we supply retailers and other traders with a full range of exciting wholesale ladies fashion UK wide. So if you need to add a little oomph to your stock, our collection of wholesale ladies fashion UK, may be just what you need.

Ben Mulvey
Ben Mulvey


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