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by Ben Mulvey July 15, 2016

As most of our time is taken up delivering exciting wholesale ladies fashion UK wide, we do not always have the time to follow every political story that hits the headlines, however, one such story caught our eye this week. She may only have been in office for a couple of days but it seems that the incoming Prime Minister of Britain, Teresa May has already given the fashion industry her endorsement.

On Thursday this week the country woke up to a new era of politics. David Cameron was out and the second ever female Prime Minister Teresa May took over parliament. She starts her job at a time when the country finds itself divided over our decision to break away from the European Union and become independent. Many industries are finding the beginning of this adjustment period, a time of uncertainty.

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In this country, we do have a thriving fashion industry and like any other industry at this time, we have our fingers firmly crossed that the success continues. There may, however, just be one glimmer of hope for those who consider the Brexit decision an unfortunate one. In one of her very first speeches as the Prime Minister Teresa May declared her love for British fashion. Her endorsement of British Fashion comes at a great time too.

May, made a claim that she would continue to show her support for British brands and designers, and this offered some much-needed encouragement for those who want to start their own journey into the world of fashion.

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Ben Mulvey
Ben Mulvey


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